Robin Hood & the Abba Silver Disc

Robin Hood & the Abba Silver Disc
A really entertaining pop musical that is very funny.


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This is such a fun musical and has been performed by my own theatre company three times and many other theatre companies across Britain.  It's the perfect small scale musical.  Easy to stage, great songs and many, many named parts. So everyone gets lines!

The story is simple...Robin Hood is Abba obsessed and to catch him Prince John is going to hold an archery contest where the prize is an Abba Silver Disc! Of course Robin will not be able to resist.  Great parts for the actors, especially the Sheriff of Nottingham who gets lots of laughs.  The actors love being the soldiers or Robin's band "the Merryettes!"

We are launching our new website now and not every page has full text describing the show. If you are interested in purchasing this show please click the contact button and we can answer any question you have. 

This show has been performed in our very own theatre. 

CAST: 30+ (M/F)  This can be altered very easily. 

RUNNING TIME: 90 MINUTES approximately

PRICE: £60


This show has a running time of approximately 40-50 minutes. You can change any part of the text you want.  You can add characters, cut lines, change the order of scenes, move the position of songs. In fact you can do anything you want EXCEPT resell it.  

All of my shows have been performed by my own theatre company in our own theatre in Spain.   You can read more about us at  There are lots of photos in the gallery to inspire you!

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